Report on Performed Activities: 2011-2013

This report reflects the activities performed by the coalition over the period from 2011 through June 2013.

The report provides the information on activities undertaken by the coalition working groups, the steering committee as well as with the involvement of member organizations of the coalition.

The report also describes the challenges of technical and essential nature which the coalition and its working groups face at present. First of all, it must be noted that the coalition was especially effective and successful in organizing public forums. Since its inception, the coalition conducted seven forums in total. Each of them was highly representative, marked with a topicality of themes and the degree of discussions conducted. The results on separate issues raised at forums were also quite successful.

The coalition’s activity in terms of issuing public statements deserves to be singled out as well. In most cases, the coalition succeeded in preparing and issuing timely and qualified statements. Considering the mandate of the coalition, those statements were released in regards with every main event in the country. Coalition has repeatedly addressed various relevant subjects with open letters. Bearing in mind the number of member organizations of the coalition and existing procedures, the number and quality of public activities of the coalition can be assessed as positive. However, for a higher effectiveness of the coalition’s activity, the work on this issue can be intensified in the future.



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